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Give Mom a Special Gift on Mother’s Day

on Friday, May 04, 2018. Posted in The Madsen Blog "Centre Piece"

mothers day

As Mother’s Day approaches, I feel particularly blessed as I await the arrival of my first granddaughter in June.  Our family is tickled pink. No matter what happens in her life, we know she will be surrounded by loving parents and an abundance of relatives who will provide her with every opportunity to succeed.

Sadly, that is not the story for every little girl.  So many girls in our community face enormous obstacles, unfathomable living conditions, childhood abuse and neglect.

Change is in the air!

on Tuesday, March 06, 2018. Posted in The Madsen Blog "Centre Piece"


Women are coming together in record numbers to speak up and speak out on issues affecting everyone.

At The Centre for Women, we mean business.

Women are starting new businesses at five times the rate of men and  increasing market share in every industry. The Association of Women’s Business Centers (AWBC) reports that more than 11 million women business owners now employ 9 million Americans, generating $1.7 trillion in yearly revenues.

Consider this: If American women entrepreneurs were a country, we would have the 10th largest GDP in the world -- larger than Canada or Mexico, and even Russia.

Tampa is second in the growth of female-led businesses.  Recognizing the changing tide, The Centre for Women launched its own women’s business centre in 2013 The following year we were awarded a grant by the Small Business Administration to operate the only SBA-designated Women’s Business Centre on the West Coast of Florida.

We’re proud to announce because of the growth and impact of our Women’s Business Centre (WBC) we are renaming our business center the Tampa Bay Women’s Business Centre. We provide training, counseling, mentoring, and access to capital for women entrepreneurs across six counties in Tampa Bay.

Don’t Count Me Among the #MeToos

on Tuesday, November 07, 2017. Posted in The Madsen Blog "Centre Piece"



Hollywood (and now Tallahassee) have set everyone’s hair on fire about sexual harassment.  Bad behavior, bullying and gender bias are perennial workplace issues.  No matter how many human resources training programs, handbook policies or outright firings, predators persist.

In the course of my 40-year career, I have met both men and women who feel that they can do or say whatever they want because their positions and wealth have made them all-powerful.  Luckily, I am not to be counted among the #Me Toos.  And, while I personally never had to deal with the trauma of sexual harassment, I know others who have.