Wonder Women and Superheroes!

on Tuesday, November 07, 2017. Posted in The Madsen Blog "Centre Piece"

wonder-woman-uniteEvery day I encounter superheroes and heroines. Renee Warmack recently hosted an evening of empowerment called Wonder Women Unite to inspire other women to unleash their potential and pursue their passions.  Renee is someone who walks her talk, a self-made success who has spent most of her career as a public servant.  Now, she owns her own production company, is writing a book, and sharing her story to help others.  She also shared a portion of the proceeds of Wonder Women Unite with The Centre for Women. Thank you for making a difference here, Renee.

wocg_lightningWonder Woman Clemmie Perry started Women of Color Golf (WOCG).  She just received a well-deserved Lightning Community Heroes Award and generously shared her prize with The Centre for Women to help us launch a golf program for women and girls. Watch for details; our new golf initiative will tee off in early 2018.
superhero walterWhen you think of a Super Hero, you often think of the fictional character that is strong, intelligent, good looking, and brave. But in the real world - many other qualities are required. Qualities such as courage, dedication, honesty, and most importantly, selflessness.
A few weeks ago at The Centre for Girls, our very own Super Hero (aka Manager of The Centre for Girls) Walter Jennings sprang into action when he discovered a woman in distress in the parking lot.  His quick actions and CPR training saved the life of a complete stranger. He is a true hero and we are extremely proud to have him on our team.

We don't save lives every day at The Centre for Women, but we do change lives for the better. To us, the women who come here pursuing a dream of owning a business, finding a job, or coping with life's challenges are the real wonder women. We help them succeed.  If you want to make a difference, just get involved with The Centre for Women. You don't need to have magical powers or perform superhuman feats; True heroism is reflected in every day actions that really make a difference in the lives of others. So throw on a cape and become a member, make a donation, join our Silent Samaritans to support counseling & wellness, sign up to volunteer, and remember us in your will.
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