Dr. Pallavi Patel




Dr. Pallavi Patel, is a board-certified pediatrician, a philanthropist, and an outstanding citizen who has advanced the role of women around Florida and around the world. Born in India, Pallavi began her medical career in Zambia. In future years, she and her husband would return to Zambia and India building hospitals, schools and other community projects.  Continuing in her pediatric practice in Tampa, Pallavi is passionate about issues related to teen pregnancy, single motherhood, adolescent self-esteem and women’s health and education.

In 2004, The Patel Conservatory was built in Tampa in response to the community need for high quality arts education programs. Annually, the Conservatory enables thousands of young people to pursue their dreams in music and the performing arts.

She has a list of philanthropic works to her name: A 50-bed charity hospital serving 100,000 villagers in India ; annual scholarship for underprivileged children to obtain a college education; and funding for the construction of the USF Charter School for Underprivileged Children in Hillsborough County.