May 10, 2017

The Honorable Rick Scott

Governor of Florida

Dear Governor Scott:

I am writing to strongly advocate for the continuation of the Displaced Homemakers Program which is funded through the Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund.

The Florida Legislature late Friday raided the Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund and agreed to eliminate the program as part of something called a conforming bill.  They tied it to funding for Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida.

The Displaced Homemakers Trust Fund was created 40 years ago to help vulnerable women acquire skills necessary to gain employment and lead financially independent lives.  Thousands of women have been helped through this program statewide.

While the term “Displaced Homemakers” may seem outdated, the need for this type of employment counseling is essential for the vulnerable population it serves.  100% of the women served need the wraparound services only provided by Displaced Homemakers Program.  For four decades, The Displaced Homemakers Program has helped women in transition who need the extra support and counseling that they will not find at a one-stop, workforce development agency.

I join other women across the state and urge you to veto the amendment.  Surely, the small amount of money designated to this program can be found elsewhere.





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