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Event: 'Yes Or No? YOU Choose! Wellness Workshopo' Print
Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 - 7:00 pm
Duration: 1 Hour
Contact Info:
For more information, please call 813-251-8437. Register online.


Do you find yourself overwhelmed and overcommitted, saying yes when you really want to say no?  Do you wonder where you spend your time and never have time for what really matters to you?  If one more person asks you to do something, do you feel like you might scream — but you say yes again!  Do you worry that you will be letting people down if you don’t agree to help and feel guilty when you say no?  Do you wish you had the confidence to say no and mean it?

This workshop will explore why we say yes, how we over commit, and how we undermine our own objectives. It will provide you with approaches, tools and techniques to identify and examine requests and determine which you will accept, and how to say no with confidence, without undermining your vision of yourself.
  This is perfect timing for those of us who over commit over the holiday season!

Cost $10,  light refreshments served

kathy-durdin-speakingKathy Durdin uniquely combines a varied background in coaching, management consulting, leadership development and arts, and applies all of these experiences and disciplines to meet her clients’ needs.  After over twenty-five years of management consulting experience, Kathy changed her focus to an area about which she has always been passionate – enhancing and encouraging individual development.  Now, she is sharing her experiences with others, helping organizations better engage with employees and assisting individuals find or reconnect with the passions, identify their goals and achieve their own objectives.   Among her focuses are individuals in transition – both within their careers and in their roles beyond their careers.  Kathy is a certified Hudson Institute Coach and an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation. Kathy is also a nationally recognized watercolor and mixed media artist.  Frequently, she uses art and arts based learning to help clients find passions and enhance their creativity.



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